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Custom Woven Labels For decor, fashion, industrial,
& brand identification.
Satin polyester label printing custom hang tags Care labels provide
to apparel care
Security Tamper Seals Perforated Stickers For Easy Opening & to
IDEAS TO SOLUTIONS Explore Our Range of
Event Label HANG TAG IDEAS Creative Ways to
Your Event.
Custom Printed Clothing Labels We offer score cuts,
multiple ink
SAFETY vinyl STICKERS Water Proof. Easy to install.
No tools, just peel and paste.
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Label Printing Singapore


Trusted Singapore Label Printing Company Since 1981

At HONYO, we work with a large number of brands & manufacturers to craft custom labels on packaging to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Adding your personal brand to your products is one of the best ways to resonate with customers

and to add that distinct voice that your brand positions along with your peers. We print logos or company messaging on packaging ribbons, stickers and labels.

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Over 40 Years of experience

Based in Singapore, Honyo Industries specializes in printing label ribbons and stickers since 1981. Over the years, we have developed techniques and acquired modern equipment to produce only quality products.

Durability is key for clothes labels. We use custom labels that come with finished edges and will not ravel under normal washing conditions.

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Sticker Solutions

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With a wide range of stickers available, we can cater to projects requiring sticker types such as Mirrokote, Woodfree, Security (Eggshell) Sticker, Gloss or Matte PP Sticker, Fluorescent Sticker, A4 Plain Sticker, Die Cut Sticker, Barcode Sticker, General Purpose Sticker, Bottle Sticker, Satin Fabric Sticker, Transparent Sticker and Gold/Silver gloss or Matte Foil Sticker, with rich experience in handling print projects of this nature.

HONYO provides innovative label printing solutions by maintaining strategic vendor relationships with trade manufacturers and production teams in the business. We have a wide array of capabilities and are available to efficiently and cost-effectively meet the intricacies of your project specifications, on time and within budget.

Organisations, no matter how large or small, irrespective of the sectors in which it operates, has a need at some time for print labels. That is why it is important that print is procured professionally and effectively. At Honyo, every print and consultancy we deliver is personalised. We ask for your experiences and your challenges so we can always build our solution around your workflow. That way, the unbiased solutions we offer will always be appropriate to your businesses.

An important sector close to the heart of Honyo. And for those new to buying print, the print industry has come a long way in the past 40 years as both production speeds, quality and capabilities has increased significantly. That is why we, at Honyo, always work closely with the Creative industry to achieve innovative work, by working to accurately specify and with sufficient detail to ensure that there is no uncertainties about your requirements.

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Strategising Your Brand
Labels begins with
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At HONYO, we take the time to analyse and understand the issues at your organisation before recommending a solution that fits. We provide professional advice during the initial discussion to ensure successful implementation.
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