Print Effects.

UV Print

UV Print

Fast curing time ensures that production time is reduced to a minimum. Suitable for large volume projects with a tight deadline.

Letter Press

Letter Press

Letter press printing gives a premium high quality print suitable for corporate stationary that simply gives a solid impression.

Flexo Cloth Label Print

Flexo (Cloth Label) Print

Durability is key for clothes labels. We use custom labels that come with finished edges and will not ravel under normal washing conditions.

Letterpress Printing


For PPI Stickers.

This is the simplest and most cost-effective option when it comes to preparing and printing labels for your business mail – especially if you need to mail in bulk regularly (monthly or more). All you need to do is to apply for a permit to use the PPI service, lodge your mail directly with SingPost, and they will take care of the rest.

Postage Paid Impression (PPI) Label = Its a simplest and most cost-effective option when it comes to preparing and printing labels for your business mail – especially if you need to mail in bulk regularly (monthly or more). #PPI #letterpress #savemoney


Product Labels.

Product Labeling is a key feature in marketing. It helps to market the product allowing customers to know about the item and give necessary messages including ingredients, instructions, and uses.

Product labeling can be done in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. It plays a key role as a point of sale display in the market shelves. They can also communicate information about how to handle a product or how to dispose of it. You can use the labeling for security reasons so that a product should not be misused. It is for these purposes the labeling having the logo or the trademark of the company. All these are different types of uses of the label for a product in the world of business.

Perforation die-cut Matte Security Sticker


Silver Sticker Labels

Add visual impact to your labels or products with custom foil labels. Our shiny silver foil stickers are made with metallic stickers to give your packaging an elegant, and supreme finish.


Security Tamper Proof Stickers

High-performance adhesive paper labels: suited for sealing cartons, packaging of pharmaceutical products, ICs and components, or serialized labels for assets identification.


Safety Polyester Labels Stickers

Safety labels save lives. But what are the specifications to a safety label?
• Polyester labels are laminated for durability.
• UV-resistant, weatherproof overlaminate protects the label from moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. Easily wipe off dirt, dust, or grease.
• 4 mil thick plastic with aggressive adhesive.
• Glossy finish is easy to clean and mar-resistant. The surface may be written on with permanent marker.
• Labels withstand chemical splashes and can be used inside or outdoors.

Hot Stamping


Hot Stamping

Hot foil stamping is the process used to print hot foil labels or hot stamp labels, among other products. It may sometimes be referred to as hot stamping or foil stamping and is a fantastic way of producing high-quality luxury labels.

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