Custom Sticker Printing on Sheets or Rolls

Our custom printed paper labels and paper stickers are our all time most popular product! These are also our most cost effective option and available in any custom size or shape using the latest cutting edge technology.

Although our printed paper stickers are our most budget friendly option, they are very high quality and highly universal. Typical uses include branding jam jars, cosmetic products, candles and many more!


Letter Press

Letter press printing gives a premium high quality print suitable for corporate stationary that simply gives a solid impression.

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, a process by which many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper.


Security Tamper Proof Stickers

High-performance adhesive paper labels: suited for sealing cartons, packaging of pharmaceutical products, ICs and components, or serialized labels for assets identification.


Metallic Sticker Labels

Add visual impact to your labels or products with custom foil labels. Our shiny silver foil stickers are made with metallic stickers to give your packaging an elegant, and supreme finish.

Used for a wide variety of product labelling as well as window stickers and promotional handouts, metallic vinyl stickers and labels come in a gloss finish. They are waterproof and can be reverse printed for application inside the window (interior fix). Metallic vinyl decals can be used for up to 3 years1 outdoors without lamination – and up to 5 years1 or more with lamination. Vinyl labels have good clarity, are not easily torn and will not wrinkle when exposed to moisture.


Safety Polyester Labels Stickers

Safety labels save lives. But what are the specifications to a safety label?

• Polyester labels are laminated for durability.
• UV-resistant, weatherproof overlaminate protects the label from moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. Easily wipe off dirt, dust, or grease.
• Glossy finish is easy to clean and mar-resistant. The surface may be written on with permanent marker.
• Labels withstand chemical splashes and can be used inside or outdoors.


Film & Vinyl Labels

Polypropylene also helps withstand the roughness of being transported and delivered.

Polypropylene materials are waterproof, which is great for products that come into contact water as part of the labelling process. For example, bottles are often labelled before they’re filled, which means the labels will get wet as the bottles are rinsed, sterilised, filled, and rinsed a second time. Polypropylene also helps withstand the roughness of being transported and delivered.


Transparent Sticker Labels

Transparent stickers are ultra-durable, waterproof, scratchproof and chemical-proof. Made from transparent stickers with a layer of gloss PVC lamination, they are also perfect for the outdoors!

Sometimes clear material is exactly what your design needs. No white border. No background color. Just your design on a clear sticker! Since the colors are printed on top of white ink, your design will still be nice and vibrant. Our clear stickers are printed on premium weatherproof vinyl that can be cut to any shape, and they are scratch resistant which makes these perfect for product labels, car windows, business promotions.

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