Labels with resistance against abrasive and environmental impacts.

Thermal heat transfers are one of the most effective and commonly used print applications in sportswear, scandal, floaters, sports t-shirt, sports accessories. These products are made up of a variety of Substrates: plastics like PVC, Nylon, could be Rigid plastic or flexible plastic, suede, Leather, fabric(elastic and woven fabric), metals, chrome surface.


Heat Transfer Shoe Tongue Label

The thermal transfer printer heats select elements on the thermal printhead to transfer the coloured pigment in the ribbon onto the flexible packaging.

Requirements of a Shoe Tongue Label

Shoe tongue labels has to survive the rigours of laundry washings and can withstand the daily grinds of repetitive abrasions on fabrics and our bodies. And the type of stains outdoor weather terrains bring.

Characteristics of a Shoe Tongue Label:

1. Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, environmentally friendly material.
2. Made from the highest grade raw material, soft on skin, tough enough to withstand the daily grind yet friendly to the skin.
3. Thermal transfer prints on shoe tongue labels is high resolution enough for barcode that can maintain a high text legibility.
4. Waterproof, crisp and sharp. Never losing their legibility to the washer and drier cycles.
5. Dye resistant and soil wash resistant.

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