An event name tags can communicate more than just a name. It starts from a conversation starter to a social media opportunity..

Many people attend business events to network — and attendees want to know who they should connect with limited time. From colour coded name tags to identifying industry affiliates, sponsors, speakers, to reach out to attendees of different professional backgrounds at a glance. With great visibility, comes high-quality name badges that communicates social media info efficiently without all the frills.

We can customise Satin Cloth Stickers to your needs. including colour coding, foil, and numbering. Made from the fabric of silky rayon, the satin cloth sticker has an ivory and coarse surface. With an appearance of a suave, closely woven, glossy texture.

The Satin Cloth Sticker.

Popularized by the concert industry, this Satin Sticky Pass – also called silk, or satin pass—shows up at all kind of events requiring one-day use or title designation such as VIP or Guest. Peel-off the release liner and the self-adhesive satin cloth sticks to all kinds of fabrics, and won’t curl when exposed to moisture, sweat or humidity. Most importantly, it also removes easily without a trace.

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Event Stickers

Satin Sticker Name Tags

Request a blank white section on passes for adding names with a marker on-site for last-minute attendees.

Impress guests with professional name tags. Name tag labels are essentially adhesive labels or stickers that are used for a short period of time. Satin, in actuality, is a weaving technique that makes the fabric glossy/shiny with a smooth and sleek surface. It can be shiny as a single face standard satin) or double face satins. Our sticky satin passes are made from malleable woven satin. They stick easily to clothes, fabrics and flight cases and don't peel off when wet. Ideal for all access passes for MICE events, backstage VIP access and especially for multi-day events. Our sticky satins secures methods of identification of your guests. At HONYO, we custom print our satins in glorious full-color digital print, perfect for your event.

Satin Sticker Ideas

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